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International Stock Market Game


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New platform. New opportunities.

Hybrid Stock Exchange Game Account is the easiest way to start trading

What makes us different from other exchange markets is our user-friendly investment wizard instead of a time consuming course of inquiry. The investment-wizard is an integrated and free investment tool. Among other things, this tool will immediately recognize which of the shares are in the freeflow system or which shares are within the lock-up periods.

Additionaly, we offer a fully automatic detection and processing system for the acquisition of shares with lock-up periods.

HYBSE Free-flow & Lock-up Shares

Free-flow shares may be bought and sold at any time.

Lock-up shares are equipped with various vesting periods.

The minimum duration of the holding periods are 6/12/18/24/36 months.

Start your first trading experience with Hybrid Stock Exchange..

First of all, create your free Hybrid Stock Exchange account and log in. Choose a company and a number of shares, then click on the tabs of the companies to get all the information. Enter an amount in "My Bid Size" and click "SUBMIT ORDER". Then you are in the game! On a daily basis, millions of people are participating as part of this game worldwide. If the price goes up, you make a profit. In the window "My Stocks", you can see how high your income is. You can hold the positions for as long as you want. Once you think that you have earned enough, click on the "SELL" button and that's how you close your trade.

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Worldwide Rating

Current credit Ratings of countries based on mathematical methods which measure the behaviour of investors and are displayed in rating codes.

Rating Eurostates

Current Europe Ratings Overview



Glossary of the Frankfurt Stock Market

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