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What is the Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE)?

We are the only stock exchange that offers small and medium sized companies with growth potential a real chance to meet their financial needs by giving them access to a financial market and at the same time making it possible for the average person to trade. With its ground-breaking technology, the Hybrid Stock Exchange will no doubt revolutionize the way business is done in the stock markets.


The Hybrid Stock Exchange is an online financial platform where buyers and sellers meet. It falls under the umbrella of the Hybrid Group.


The Hybrid Stock Exchange software was created by a group of financial and software specialists from the Frankfurt Stock Market (Xetra) who fused the latest technology with the wishes of ordinary traders and brokers and programmed it into one cutting edge online platform and called it the Hybrid Stock Exchange.


How much would membership cost?
For the investors, the membership is free of charge.
How do I get full membership?
Log in comfortably and continue as indicated below in our registration form.
  1. Complete the application form for registration.
  2. Submit your passport copy in legible quality.
  3. Send us your documents by post.
  4. Our customer service will transfer a digital activation code to you. In order to verify your account details, a sum of xxx will be transferred to the account specified. Please enter this code into the request field of your profile. After entering this code, you will have access to the market platform.
How does one acquire shares at the Hybrid Stock Exchange?
If you are a registered user at the Hybrid Stock Exchange, you can enter a purchase order for certain shares into the order book. Once a match occurs, the amounts are debited directly from the investor's account and booked into the issuer account.
Trade requirements: An order to buy or to sell may be granted only by trading participants.
An order must contain the following information:
  • The terms to buy or to sell.
  • The shares to which the order relates.
  • The volume.
  • The price indicator.
  • The share must be freely tradeable.

Stop orders can be released. Orders can be provided with a price validity determination or with a best price execution. The management of the issuer can set a minimum volume for each share.

Price entry:

  • An order is an order to buy or sell with or without price instructions of the client (market order, "bid and ask"). It will, therefore, run as close as possible in the trading system to the next by the system detected price after admission.
  • A limit order is an offer placed to buy or sell number of shares at a specified price or better. Because the limit order is not a market order, it may not be executed if the price set by the investor cannot be met during the period of time in which the order is left open. Limit orders also allow an investor to limit the length of time an order can be outstanding before being cancelled.
  • Best Orders that arrive into the trading system "At Best Price" will be done at the next best price which is in the parliamentary order book incoming "At Best Orders" which are due to the assigned limits and not at least partially executable will not be executed.

    The HYBSE records and prioritizes orders and quotas according to the following trading system:

    • Orders have an identification number, time stamp, and a price.
    • All orders for each share are sorted according to their time-stamp and their price.
    • All orders, if they have not yet been executed, can be changed or deleted.
How do I acquire shares that are booked into my bank account?
The HYBSE has a built-in automating mechanism in the platform system. Once a trade has taken place, the securities are automatically posted to your deposit account. On our platform, the trade is conducted directly and without any intermediaries from the seller to the purchaser. The purchased or sold share is posted or debited directly to the account of the buyers' or sellers' bank account. Likewise, it takes place with a cash amount. This will also likewise be directly debited or credited accordingly. Securities with holding periods can be sold only from the corresponding holding period date. Shares with holding periods can be sold only from the corresponding holding period date.
How do I know whether the company is in possession of the listed shares?
All companies that are listed on HYBSE, decree all the necessary documents. The documents will be reviewed by our committee members and will only be approved if they correspond to our guidelines. We encourage you to read our terms and conditions.
Do I need to consult a private lawyer to trade on the online platform?
A private lawyer is not required for trading on the HYBSE platform.
What financial obligation or responsibility does the HYBSE assume for trading on the online program?
The HYBSE assumes no liability or responsibility for trading on the online platform. You should have all the requirements for the online trading. If you need professional advice or assistance, please consult an advisor or a lawyer prior to any transactions. We therefore urge you to carefully read our terms and conditions.
How much does a game account cost on Hybrid Stock Exchange?
A demo account on HYBSE is absolutely free of charge.
What is needed for a game account?
Sign-up for the game account then you will receive an e-mail with an activation link. After clicking on the link, you will receive your login information for your game account.
How long can I use a game account?
The use of your game account is unlimited and is the easiest way to start trading.
How does the game account work?
In our training section, you will find an overview of all the important HYBSE information for beginners as well as for professional investors.
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