Under development Release Date June 2018
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ETC Diamond 101 2.07 € (-11.91%) ETF Bitcoin 39.54 € (19.71%) ETF Altcoins Fund 0.28 € (7.69%) ETF Krugerrand 13.12 € (-1.28%)



We are the only stock exchange that offers small and medium sized companies with growth potential a real chance to meet their financial needs by giving them access to a financial market and at the same time making it possible for the average person to trade. With its ground-breaking technology, the Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE) will no doubt revolutionize the way business is done in the stock markets.


The Hybrid Stock Exchange is an online financial platform where buyers and sellers meet. It falls under the umbrella of the Hybrid Group.


The Hybrid Stock Exchange software was created by a group of financial and software specialists from the Frankfurt Stock Market (Xetra) who fused the latest technology with the wishes of ordinary traders and brokers and programmed it into one cutting edge online platform called the Hybrid Stock Exchange.



Deal Direct interaction between buyers and sellers using desktops and mobiles with NO brokerage fees.
Swift NO Swift transactions between buyers and sellers needed, HYBSE uses Intelligent Lightning Transfer and Settlements.
Register  Free Registration.
Register Free Education Centre.
Transparency Complete unprecedented transparency.
Platform Innovative online trading platform.
Heartbeat Minimal transaction fee of maximum 1,5% per trade.
Lock-up 5-phase lock-up shares periods.
Money Transparent cost structures.
Bank All documents, transactions and bank account statements are accessible without restrictions.
Calculator Active ratio calculation.
Social Internal "facebook"(finbook) which allows traders to know each other and become trading partners.
Shield High level of protection systems on customers' information and all transactions.


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